5 reasons why you should have a maternity session ~ Byron Bay Photographer

So why should you have a maternity session and have photos captured while you are pregnant you might ask? Some women don’t always feel their best while they are pregnant. The time waiting for baby can be absolutely magical, transformative and exciting. But that doesn’t mean that it’s always an easy time. 

A lot of women have hesitations about being the center of attention for a whole photo session. So I want to share with you 5 reasons why you should absolutely have maternity photos taken. 

Pregnant mum with bare belly showing at the beach
  1. Your little family or unit of 2 people is about to change forever. Even if this is not your first baby, this baby will absolutely and definitely change the dynamics of your family. We all go through these different seasons of life and you are about to enter the next one. It is incredibly special to capture exactly what your family looks like right now, in this moment. Because it will never look the same again and it deserves to be documented.
  2. With time you will likely forget what it felt like to be pregnant. I know this sounds crazy right now as your belly is blooming and you can feel every little movement and kick. But, with time you will struggle to remember what all this felt like. My children are 7 now and I sometimes think back on the days when I was pregnant with my twins and I can feel the memories slowly fade as the years pass. 
  3. With images of this season of life, you will be able to remember it all more vividly. I have photos of me on the morning of birthing my twins and the photos evoke so much emotion and memories from that day and what it felt like to anticipate the arrival of them.
  4. Your body is doing amazing things! You are literally growing a human being! You are powerful, incredible and the work your body is doing is sacred. You need photos of your amazing body when your heart was pumping for two (or three) and sustaining life for you and your unborn child.
  5. You deserve to be celebrated! Think of how incredible this whole thing is. From conception to birth, it’s literally a miracle. You are an absolute goddess. Yes, you are. And you deserve to be documented and have these memories to share with your children in the future. 

So don’t hesitate to book your maternity photos. Life is to be celebrated and so are you! Here are a few favourite images from a Byron Bay Maternity Session that I truly loved. The moment before they became 3. And yes, fur babies are always welcome at my sessions if you ever wondered. 

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