6 Tips for organising your mobile phone photos

January 27, 2021

With everyone having a phone these days that most of the time also has an awesome little camera built into it, the overload of images is so real! Who has just casually sat down to try and organise your phone photos and then started scrolling through the hundreds and thousands of images, then got distracted or overwhelmed and left it for another day?
This was definitely me too until I got into some great memory keeping habits to keep my photos organised and sorted. Honestly, getting organised and sorting your photos will relieve so much stress and anxiety of accidentally losing photos of your special people and events.

So I am here to help you get started on this memory keeping journey. Let’s get these things ticked off your to do list! Your are 6 steps away from being organised. I’m really excited to share these tips of memory keeping for mums (and dads) with you here.

I have listed these tips with references to how it works on an iPhone, but you can adjust everything to suit whatever model of phone you are using.


Select your favourites

If you are on an iPhone you will be familiar with the little heart icon. Other phone might have a different icon or way to favourite your photos.

So let’s get started. Go through and favourite the photos that really mean something to you. Be decisive and don’t be afraid to be a little brutal. You don’t need 112 photos of your kiddo eating an ice cream. Just select the best one or two of that moment.

Now you have selected the favourites, this will automatically save them into a favourites folder.


Make friends with that delete button

Delete any photos that are blurred, duplicates, screenshots of your last Woolworths receipt, your breakfast snapshot for instagram and really have a think about if you need to keep that image. If it wasn’t a favourite in the first place – do you need to keep it? You can delete a bunch of images in one go if you click “select” in the top right corner and then you can drag over a heap of photos at the same time. Don’t be afraid – this is going to feel good to get rid of all that clutter – you can do this!


Organise yourself

Now it’s time to make some albums on your phone. I personally love to always have a “Best of year…” album on my phone as it just makes it so much easier to then go in at the end of the year and use those photos for an album or photo book. You can also create albums of specific places, like a holiday, special people, location or something else that helps you get organised.

BONUS TIP: If you prefer to edit your photos you can create a folder called “To edit” or similar and the same for an “Edited” folder to keep things even more organised.


Sort your albums

To make it even easier for yourself, put your most important albums up the top. So for me I have my “2021 Favourites” album at the top as well as an album called “To edit”. This helps me find those easily and keep everything neat and tidy. You can organise the albums by clicking on the “My Albums” down the bottom and then “edit” in the top right hand corner. Now you are able to drag the folders around to suit.


Get in the habit

To help stay on top of things you need to go back to these steps regularly. I find it the easiest to set myself a recurring reminder on my phone. This is what works for me and might help you too:

WEEKLY: Spend a little bit of time quickly deleting any photos that you don’t need. Mark your favourites.

MONTHLY: Every month go through and sort the photos from that month into your monthly folder and mark your favourites.

YEARLY: Use your folder to create gifts or photo books with photos from that year.


Backing it up

This is the most important and often missed step. There are lots of different ways to backup your photos. Here are some of my favourites:

Dropbox – I like it as I can see the exact folders on my computer and it’s really easy to drag and drop. You can also drop folders into Dropbox and then once you are online it will sync everything to the cloud.

Google Photos – You can download the app to your phone to get started or use it on your desktop. The app can be set to either manually or automatically backup your photos.

Apple Photos – If you have an iPhone / Mac computer you can backup your photos this way to the cloud. The app will automatically sync your photos to the cloud regularly. Making sure you turn the iCloud setting on on your phone as this will also save space.

Although backing everything up is the most important part I have left it till the end. It makes much more sense to have a sorted selection of photos backed up, than a whole big bunch of licorice all sorts!

Make sure to create a recurring event/reminder on your phone or diary to do the backup at least once a month if you are using a method that doesn’t do this automatically for you.

Now that your photos are organised, let’s put them to print! Because after all, if they all just sit there on the phone and never get printed or enjoyed in other ways, what is really the point of taking them?