My name is Maz


I am a world traveller, life lover and light chaser. I love good coffee and I am a mum of twins! I love the change of seasons, the colours of autumn, the smell of freshly baked bread and I might just have a bit of a thing for big old trees and mountains! I am passionate about photography and absolutely love my job.  I’m not very traditional and like to step outside of the box to create unique images. When I have my camera in hand I am not looking for something pretty to shoot. I am looking for beauty, and beauty is everywhere! Instead of awkward posing and only shooting epic portraits, I want to document your wedding day in a raw and real way.

I am inspired by human connection, the nature around me, children’s laughter and light!

ABOUT YOU: You dream of a stress-free wedding day and want to enjoy your day with your guests instead of posing in front of the camera for hours on end.  You want photos that capture you and your loved ones in a natural and authentic way – photos that tell a story and are artistic – photos that will still look as beautiful in 20 years as they do today. You want your wedding photos to capture what it felt like, not only what it looked like.


If you think we are a match please get in touch and I would love to chat more!