Winter Sunsets | Gold Coast Family Photographer

June 11, 2021

The Jeans Family

During their Gold Coast family holiday, Shannon wanted to capture this super special occasion of the whole family being together. She booked a family sunset session with Gold Coast Family Photographer ~ Black Bird Tale to capture these beautiful moments. This was a gorgeous session full of giggles and cheeky smiles from all the little ones. We explored the beautiful beach at sunset. It was so much fun, and everyone ended up playing in the ocean at the end of the session. We were lucky to end up with the most beautiful light to finish up this beautiful Gold Coast Family Session. When you look through these images it’s obvious how an extended family session doesn’t have to be stiff and posed. It can be full of beautiful candid moments!

Family Sessions at the beach on the Gold Coast.

A lot of parents are worried that their children won’t sit still while we take photos, that they will be a little crazy and run around the whole time. The great thing is, that modern family portraits don’t mean that your kids have to sit still and smile at the camera and say cheese (in fact please don’t ask them to say cheese at all). I want to capture all your family’s special connections and little quirks. Kids are gorgeous when they are all absorbed in exploring what’s around them and I want them to have a great time during the shoot.

I approach my family sessions in a very relaxed way. My job is to find the beautiful light and your job is to have fun and spoil your kids with as many cuddles as possible. Your family is unique so let’s capture these moments so they truly look like you!

For an outdoor session this could mean building sandcastles, exploring rock pools, playing little games on the beach, piggyback, chasing the water as it rushes up on the sand. It could be collecting sticks, reading a book together on a picnic blanket, rock hopping and cuddling up under a gorgeous blanket. Whatever it is that you would enjoy together as a family makes the perfect activity during your family photos!

In-Home Family Photography on the Gold Coast.

Another awesome option is to choose an In-Home Family Photography session. Your space could be where the kids feel the most comfortable, rather than going out. Some children simply feel more comfortable at home amongst the things they associate with as theirs. There are plenty of activities you can include at home. Baking up a storm, cuddling up on the couch with a great book, making hot chocolates, decorating cookies, snuggling in the hammock, or playing an instrument together. You will know yourself what is your family thing to do. In-Home Family Sessions are extra special as we get to not only document this season of life, but also the family home that you lived in. Something that will be treasured images to look back on in years to come.

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