Mentoring….. If there is one thing that has helped me become the artist and business owner that I am today it’s education. Above anything else it has helped me grow as a photographer and an artist and also getting my business to that next level where everything just flows and you know you are attracting exactly the type of clients that you love working with.

Education and mentoring is something that I feel really strongly about. As sole business owners we often work in our little bat cave offices in solitude and it can be quite isolating. It’s hard to work everything out on your own and sometimes we just need another person to overhaul our work and practices so that we can improve and feel inspired again. It is so easy to get burnt out when you are feeling overwhelmed, not getting enough or the right bookings, not knowing where to start with changing things up – I am here to help you with all of that!

Mentor sessions are completely customised to your needs, your questions and struggles. It might be around workflow, how to generate enquiries, how to book more of your dream clients, how to organise your business better, how to create beautiful and meaningful connection in your sessions, how to find inspiration, how to get yourself set up and actually make a profit….. the list goes on. Sessions can be focussing on the business side of things or perhaps you need some help with finding creativity in your shoots? You tell me!

One on one mentoring is available for photographers through these options:





One hour online session

You will receive a detailed questionnaire before the session that allows me to hone in on the areas that you want to tackle and this ensures that we both come to the mentor session fully prepared and ready to charge. You will also receive a follow-up email where I list your action plans for how to achieve your goals.

1 hour – $350 


If you are wanting to improve your creativity, work on how to make better connections between your subjects, find your voice, get better at shooting or simply fine-tune your style then this is the package for you. The session can also include a live shoot where I will help you with the things that you are stuck on. I will show you how I direct my couples/families and teach you some tips for improving connection/lighting and direction. We then edit your session together. This is your opportunity to go over everything that you want to improve in your editing workflow and all those Lightroom secrets that make life so much easier. You can ask me anything! 

This session can also be an overhaul of your systems, workflows and how to work smarter. Be ready to bring a pen and paper to write down a ton of ideas to bring your business and productivity to that next level!

You receive a detailed questionnaire beforehand to help me establish your current business setup and where you are at. We then meet for 2 x 1.5 hours where we will discuss everything to get you rocking that business into the next gear. You pick the areas that need focus and this is what we will work on.

3 hours – $900


This option is for those that are committed to really take their passion, creativity and business to the next level. We will go over everything in your business step by step. To start off the process you will receive a questionnaire that details the areas that needs the most attention to start with. I include a complete website critique in this package as one of our starting points and we meet monthly online for your one hour mentor sessions. Prior to each session we will go over the focus points for that month and after each session I will be holding you accountable to reach your goals and implement everything. There is really no limit to how far you can take your business with monthly sessions.

1 year

12 x one hour mentor sessions

Full website critique

Action plans and accountability


(split into monthly payments of $327)

“When it comes to the business side of photography, Maz is exceptional and knows her stuff. She is more than happy to work with you to help you do big things with your business.
Maz picked apart my website to get it the best it could be, we worked on pricing and packages, and how to make the paperwork as smooth as possible.
I had doubts about spending the money on that sort of investment but my goodness was it a good choice. My website looks cleaner and navigated easier, emails are smoother and my ranking on google has sky rocketed!”
– Dani Bartlett – Dani Bartlett Photography

“Maz was so hands-on and very informative and I took away much more than I had expected. I loved how Maz talked me through how she approaches each wedding, including tips on getting those loved-up, relaxed shots of her couples. Maz shared her knowledge and experiences with me openly and honestly which I loved, no question was off limits. Maz, thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to learn from you”.

– Julia Rau – Julia Rau Photography 


“Back in 2017 I attended Black Bird Tale’s Wedding Photography Workshop in Dunsborough. I had started maternity leave and as a lot of mum’s do I pursued my hobby of photography. I did not think that after attending Maz’s workshop I would be where I am now. I gained so much knowledge, advice and most importantly the confidence to photograph weddings. Not only did I learn the art of ‘unposing’ during a live shoot (which just blew me away and completely changed the way I shoot a couple) but I gained business tips to help run a smooth and successful business. I had an absolute blast in the two days of the workshop, eating great food, drinking delicious coffee, shooting some cool stuff in a beautiful setting and just hanging out with some like minded people. If you are on the fence about signing up for mentoring with Maz – make the leap. I’m so glad I did”.

-Nerida Stokes – Love Wildly Photography

Thank you so much to all of those that have already signed up for mentoring and coaching with me. I take on a limited amount of mentees at any given time to ensure that I give YOU my full heart and time. I don’t take mentoring lightly and want to ensure that you walk away feeling that your investment was worthwhile. Please get in touch if you would like to book a mentor session with me.