I am so excited that we get to work together and I can't wait to create some beautiful images and memories with you!

Here are all my tips for what to wear, how to prepare the kids and yourself for a fun and enjoyable session.

My aim is to create beautiful images drenched in love, filled with emotion that captures you as a family. I strive to make it a fun, relaxing experience.

My tips below allow you to have the absolute best session possible. No session is ever perfect, and it doesn't have to be. So take a deep breath if you have been feeling nervous about your session because I am here to remind you that all the little imperfect moments are often the most treasured and beautiful ones we remember. And long as you are enjoying yourself, the images will reflect that and be beautiful.

What to wear

The most important thing is that you feel

relaxed and beautiful!




Coordinate Colours but don't over-match

Earthy tones, pastels or neutrals will have the best results on camera and give your photos a cohesive look without being too "matchy". Avoid competing patterns. Browns, mustard, dusty pinks, oranges or earthy greens, creams or white clothing all look beautiful and compliment the colours of the natural environment.

If we are shooting at the beach or in your home barefoot in perfect! If we are shooting in bushland please wear shoes that are appropriate for this environment, tie in with your outfit and are comfortable to walk around in. Flats are a much better option than heels if you are wearing shoes!

Hair and Makeup


Add layers for movement


I love natural hair and makeup so don’t feel any pressure at all to get professional hair and makeup done for your session. However, if that makes you feel the most comfortable to have hair and make up done, go for it.

A shawl, dress, skirt or loose throw will accentuate movement in photos which is something that I love to capture! Necklaces, scarves, bracelets etc add an extra little touch to an outfit and translate really well in photos. Waffled materials, linen or lace, chunky knits and anything that flows works really well.

"Let Me Love You a Little More,

Before You’re Not Little Anymore"

Sleep + food = happy kids

Please give your children a meal before the session. Sleep + Food = Happy kids.

I know it's tempting to hold off dinner/food so you can reward them with a special meal or treat after the shoot, but I highly recommend having a meal or snack beforehand so they aren't functioning on empty tummies. Same thing goes for little bubs. If possible try to feed them before the shoot. If you'd like to breastfeed during the shoot that is absolutely fine and fully encouraged, just be aware that the session is only 20min in total and it might be best to breastfeed your bub towards the end of the session if you'd like a variety of images.

How to prepare your children for the shoot

Relax and enjoy

Give yourself plenty of time to get ready and make sure to arrive at the location 10min before your scheduled time. This will avoid you rushing and feeling stressed during the session.

Don't stress. If your children are acting nervous or a little wild, that is absolutely ok. I have 2 children myself and I embrace all children in every aspect of themselves.

You don't have to look at the camera for every photo. I take a lot of natural and candid photos which means that you can just relax, love on each other and your children and take a minute to soak it all in. Try to avoid telling the kids to "say cheese" ~ instead focus on cuddles, snuggling up and think of things that make them smile and giggle naturally. This allows them to be naturally happy and for me to capture those moments.


What happens if we are sick?

What happens if we are late to our session?

If you are unwell for your session please let me know as early as possible. If you or your little one is unwell we can reschedule for another day, no problem. Please note that any styling setup that may be arranged for the mini session may not be available for any reschedules as those are hired specifically for the scheduled dates.

Mini sessions are scheduled back to back with 20min for each family. As such there is no extra time buffer. If you are late to the session it will mean that we have less time for your session. Due to the nature of mini sessions I am not able to push back the sessions after yours.

Do you retouch the images / change my appearance?

What happens if my child is a little crazy or won't behave?

No. I spend a lot of time editing your images to make them look beautiful and with an artistic and cohesive look to them. I do not make people look different / skinnier / smoothen skin / alter appearances. I will remove blemishes, temporary things like bruises/scratches etc but I don't manipulate the image to remove permanent features. I think you are beautiful just the way you are!

Don't worry! I have children myself and I totally get it! Please know that if you are relaxed, so are they. If you give them lots of reassurance, they will feel confident and relaxed during the session. Pitch it to the kids as fun little adventure out, don't put too much pressure on them. If you like maybe reward them with a special dinner out afterwards or a special experience/treat together.






When do we receive our photos?

Getting the images off your screen and into your hands is possibly the most important part. You are welcome to print through my online print store or choose your own. The most important part is that you get your images printed so they can be enjoyed.

Love all the images??

If you'd like to have all the images from your session I offer a gallery upgrade.

Let me know when you receive your gallery if you would like them all.

Within 14 days of the shoot I will send you an email with a link to your online gallery. The gallery will have all the edited images from your mini session for you to view.

You will now also be able to download the images included in your package

I hope this guide has answered all your questions.

The main goal of photos is to capture your family and real, honest moments. So bring your authentic selves and do your best to relax and have fun!

If you still have any questions any time along the way just let me know!

I can't wait to create some beautiful images with you and your loved ones.

Maz xx